Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How does a loyalty program help local businesses?

    According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of a store's revenue is generated from 20% of its customers, i.e., the repeat customers. A loyalty program helps increase the number of repeat customers, leading to a large increase in the store’s revenue.
  • 2How is Tamecco special for the customer?

    Tamecco is a FREE mobile app that provides customers with instant access to their cards, a thinner wallet, and location-based deals and coupons.
  • 3How will Tamecco help my business?

    Tamecco grows your repeat customer base and leads new customers to discover your store. Tamecco creates a two-way relationship between you and your customers. You can attract new customers passing near the store by sending them customized perks & offers through Tamecco. Word of mouth advertising via social networks lets you reach the friends of those customers as well.
  • 4What is special about Tamecco compared to other loyalty program platforms?

    • By utilizing the world's first Hands-Free loyalty system developed by Tamecco, users can get points on their points at the stores that they visit without having to even touch their smartphones.
    • Setup can be completed in less than five minutes.
    • Tamecco is an inexpensive solution that offers data insights at your fingertips.
  • 5What kind of loyalty programs can I set up in Tamecco?

    Tamecco supports the following types of loyalty programs:
    • Tamecco supports the following types of loyalty programs:
    • Membership card program--Informational programs and tiered perks programs can be set up.
    • Bar code program--Tamecco can host bar codes for external platforms.
  • 6What social networks does Tamecco connect with?

    Users can sign up and log into Tamecco via Facebook and Twitter.
  • 7Which types of phones does Tamecco work on?

    Tamecce can be used on iPhone 4S or higher and on all Android smartphones.
  • 8How will customers know that they can use Tamecco at my store?

    They can easily browse the Tamecco app to find your store. They will also be able to spot the Tamecco sticker at your store entrance, or on the social network posts of their friends.
  • 9Am I able to customize the look of my store on the Tamecco app?

    The general layout and the order in which information is displayed are already set in the template, but you can choose your logo, the text to be displayed and the design of the stamps. Our staff will assist you with your needs when you sign up to use Tamecco.
  • 10How do customers sign up for Tamecco?

    Facebook and Twitter users can easily sign up and log into Tamecco using their Facebook or Twitter IDs. Non-Facebook or Twitter users can sign up and log in using their email address.
  • 11Does Tamecco protect customers' privacy?

    Yes, Tamecco takes privacy extremely seriously. Tamecco will never disclose personal customer information to third parties without the explicit permission of the customer. For details, please see our privacy policy.
  • 12How will customers accumulate stamps, points, or redeem rewards and deals?

    As long as the user is logged into the Tamecco app, the user can get points at participating stores in a Hands-Free manner.
  • 13Will customers lose their cards and rewards if they lose or upgrade their phone?

    No, Tamecco cards and rewards are stored safely and securely on state-of-the-art cloud servers. When customers get a new phone, they just need to download the Tamecco app and log into their existing account.
  • 14Is Tamecco secure?

    Tamecco uses GoDaddy to encrypt the data transfer between the app and the server, ensuring the security of customer data.
  • 15What can I do using the Tamecco dashboard?

    The dashboard lets you view customer statistics, analyze customer trends, send deal/event notifications, and manage store information.
  • 16I want to get started; what should I do?

    Please use the “Contact us” form to send us information about your store. Tamecco staff will contact you and guide you through the registration process.