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About Us

About Tamecco

In short, Tamecco does three things:

  • Tamecco operates an AI-powered, proprietary mobile app “Tamecco” that enhances customer loyalty and funnel new customers for retailers of all kinds
  • Tamecco undertakes “backend AI” work for strategic partners’ O2O app, such as online food delivery portal app, to drive greater transactions via AI-powered, personalized user engagement
  • Tamecco works with large physical retail stores, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and drugstores, to run Big Data analytics of their POS data, track consumer behavior and drive more transactions through hyper/flash marketing.

As a user of our mobile app or other app that is empowered by Tamecco AI on the backend, you no longer have to engage with your smartphone to get what you want. The app will engage with you personally, taking into account not just what you like, but also where you typically go and where you are now. A Tamecco-empowered mobile app will make you offers you need, when you need it and the way you need it - every step of the way - so that the content is there if you want to engage with it.

As our participating merchant, you no longer have to pay fixed costs for printing ads and promotions, or for running loyalty card programs. Nor do you have to conduct intrusive surveys to know who your customers are. Within Tamecco’s O2O ecosystem, we do it all for you. From restaurants, super markets, drug stores, beauty salons, relaxation massages and even to online food delivery or reservation portals, Tamecco AI provides a powerful tool to uniquely and personally engage every consumer for maximum marketing efficacy.

Our Goal

Our goal is provocative. We endeavor to perfect our “AI-driven O2O ecosystem”, where Tamecco AI combines consumers’ digitally traceable preferences with their physical behavior on an integrated platform and runs Big Data analytics to funnel more and more consumers and drive transactions at our merchants. In turn, users will receive personalized offers when and where they need it, and the way they need it – almost to the point of having his/her own “style” in all aspects of consumption.

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Our team members work in a stimulating, multi-cultural environment filled with intelligence, dynamism, and new ideas. Our team members are some of the most accomplished professionals from diverse disciplines including finance, artificial intelligence engineering, coding, sales, marketing, and designing.

We are no less diverse in cultural makeup, encompassing Japan, the U.S., Korea, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil and the rest of the world. In short, we are bringing the style and dynamism of Silicon Valley to Japan to spread AI-driven O2O ecosystem across the country and beyond.